Au Fil du Monde

A socio-cultural space in the heart of the Festival of 5 Continents


The Leisure and Culture Center of Martigny offers a space for sociocultural, intergenerational and intercultural actions at the heart of the Festival of 5 Continents. It is recalled that the Festival of 5 Continents was born within this institution in favour of the youth and the population of Martigny who participates actively in its realization. Au Fil du Monde is a place where live concerts and performances of confirmed or non-professional passionate artists, workshops and exchange moments come to life.


Au Fil du Monde also proposes a place for expression and talks for the citizens, communities and associations of the region. This space is focused on the Living Together, where we can exchange, snack, relax, get informed, watch, listen, experiment...


If you wish to propose a workshop, an intervention, a concert, a dance or other, please submit your request to the address until 25 March 2019.


Festival of 5 Continents
June 14–16, 2019
Place du Manoir, Martigny, Switzerland